Membership Application Procedure

Club affiliation is governed by our bylaws.  Full membership requires a valid amateur radio license and is open to all students. Associate membership is for students without licenses and other interested parties.  Advisory membership includes UCSC ARC alumni, staff and faculty and ARRL members having an interest in developing our club.  Please consult our bylaws for details.

Step 1. Log in using your UCSC Blue account.  This will automatically create a web account allowing you to read most site content but doesn't mean you are a member until you edit your newly created account and specifically request to become a member.

Step 2. From the User Menu, select "My account" and then select the "Edit" tab at the top of the page and proceed to complete the fields to apply for membership.  Briefly, these are:

  • Interest 
    Indicate what your interest is in joining the UCSC Amateur Radio Club.
  • UCSC Affiliation
    From the pull-down list indicate what your relationship with the University is. The possible fields are:
  1. Undergraduate Student.
  2. Graduate Student.
  3. Club Alumni.
  4. Faculty / Staff
  5. Alumnus.
  6. Local Community Member.
  7. ARRL Representative.
  8. ARES Representative.
  • Club Affiliation
    From the pull-down list select the membership category you are requesting based on your affiliation. The Club Secretary will  confirm your eligibility and re-classify you if necessary:
  1. Full Member. 
  2. Associate Member. 
  3. Advisory Member.
  • Call Letters
    Your amateur radio call sign.  If none, enter "none".
  • License Class
    From the pull-down menu select the class of license you hold.  If none, select "none".

Step 3. Having completed the fields, be sure to save your changes and then send an email to the Club Secretary specifically requesting a review of your application.