Rookie Roundup 2010

April 18, 2010.  Baskin Engineering Quad.

Participants:  Joe Mendes (KJ6AQN), Erick Castillo (AE6UF), Brian Simmons (KJ6HAU), Becky Thiptavong (KJ6AQT), Matt Bromage (??????), Milo Holt (KJ6AQP).

We had a few visitors as well: Alexandra (AE6IN) and her son Leon stopped by; Kerry (now K3RRY) came to say hello; Chris Gaylord of the fire department; Jas (KJ6AQQ) & a friend; Suellene Petersen (K6CPA).

Thanks to Bob Vitale (KG6MBS) and Professor Petersen (AC6P) for hanging the antenna and providing the gear, tables, chairs, and canopy.

In terms of contest performance, we had minimal success (possibly an overstatement). Becky and I each made contact with one rookie (the same rookie), gathering a grand total of 4 points for UCSC. Here is the contest certificate showing half those points (I think Becky received a similar one). While we didn’t make many contacts, we spent time getting used to the radio – so we now have veterans for Field Day.

And anyway, we had fun. Joe brought us burritos, Leon climbed stairs, Erick contemplated EE 251, and Prof. Petersen didn’t yell at anyone (although he noted that AE6UF didn’t know how to roll out coaxial cable). The zip-line idea was never actualized because we couldn’t get Leon to go first… maybe next time.

In retrospect, we probably should have tested the antenna before the day of the event – it was a gamble that didn’t pay off very well. We might want to get on the roof of E2 and test some locations for the Ham Shack antenna.

Also, we have Field Day in less than two months – should we organize a meeting before end-of-quarter panic sets in?

- Milo, KJ6AQP