Amateur radio has been active at UCSC since 2002 after IEEE Student Chapter members first became involved.  The club was informally formed in 2010, and unofficially recognized by the School of Engineering in 2012. Following official recognition by the ARRL and efforts by students since that time, the club ratified its Constitution and Bylaws on March 12, 2014, thereby gaining official status as a student organization at UCSC.

Under the new Bylaws, official club communications shall be via this website and to be actively maintained by the club secretary.  Hence, we are shifting all communications from the informal cc lists that many of you keep, as well as the old list-server, over to categorized official email reflectors accessible to everyone. 

Since there are many alumni and past unoffical members on the old list server, an email to that server (now handled by Google Groups) must be explicitly added as a cc (note that we can't add this to the All Members contact list since the list-server requires an authenticating email address).  It does, however, appear as a single category among the official email reflectors, but for an email to the server to go through, your sending email address must be known to the list-server.  Anyone receiving emails via this means that does not have an official access account on this website is encouraged to do so. 

Application for a new account has been combined with membership in the club.  The procedure for membership can be found on the following page (select the "Membership" link at the bottom of this page).

There is one wrinkle that everyone must be aware of.  Login credentials require an active UCSC "Blue" account.  Many of you on the old list-server won't know about this since it was added by campus-wide IT several years ago.  Thus, if you don't have a Blue account, we can sponsor you for one.  Just send email to AC6P and he'll take care of you. This doesn't require UCSC affiliation. 

After logging in, access these new contact reflectors from the Club Menu by selecting "Reflectors". You can also email any of the current officers directly from the links showing in the right side-bar.